More Than 60 Different Glaze Colors — How Do You Choose?

Handcrafted stoneware with your custom logo can enhance your organization, event or store like no other promotional products. But, with over 60 available colors, choosing the right glazes can feel overwhelming at first.

It doesn’t have to feel like that. Use this guide to find our most popular colors. We have them shown by location themes, plus a look at the favorites from multiple industries. Use the links below to jump to each section. Some of the themes and industries we work with include:

No matter which glazes you choose, whether it’s Copperhead Run or Passion Pink, your stoneware is made to stand out. Each piece is handmade with sturdy construction, and it features your custom artwork on a 3-D clay medallion. Although uniform, no two pieces are alike. Be inspired, and know we are always a phone call or email away to help.

Sunset Hill Stoneware's Most Popular Glaze Colors

We compiled the data from 2017 to determine which glaze colors out of over 60 options are the most popular, with the top 18 being below. If you don't see the color that best speaks to you, don't worry—there's more where these came from. Want to save this guide for later? Download a PDF version of the Glaze Color Suggestion Guide by filling out the short form below. 

Most Popular Glaze Mugs










Most Popular Mug Styles 2


Beach Mug Group

If your business is located on the seashore, our records indicate that Cinnamon Roll, Zen Mist and Northern Lights might be for you. These two-tone glazes evoke sand, surf and nature, so they're ideal choices for businesses located just a few steps away from the beach. Whether your business is a marina, a brewing company or a bed and breakfast, these natural colors are sure to catch your customers' attention.


Schools Mug Group

High schools, universities and theological seminaries tend to go for darker colors like Mulberry Blush, Midnight Black and Silvery Night for a sophisticated flair. The first two choices are classic, especially for institutes of higher education. However, Silvery Night provides and extra pop for any school looking to use these mugs as fundraisers or boosters. Seeing as we provide so many different glaze colors and combinations, the option for mugs in your school's colors is always there as well.


Sports Mug Group

Solid-colored glazes like Blaze Orange, Red and Royale Blue are brought up to bat most often for sports clubs and teams. Much like with schools, the mugs we create for sports teams tend to be ordered in one or more of the club or team's jersey colors. While two-tone glazes aren't unpopular for athletic teams, solid-colored mugs may be paired with team logos and mascots on the medallion for a sleek, sporty design.

Coffee Houses

Coffee House Mug Group

Though we've seen coffee shops and coffee roasting companies use glazes from all across the spectrum, Copperhead Run, Silvery Night and Root Beer Float have the most shops buzzing. Two-tone glazes like these have beautiful contrasting colors, making them a great gift for your most loyal customers  and fans. Though many shops opt for these more rustic looks, the only limit on the glaze colors your customers will love is your imagination. After all, we have two-tone and solid glazes to fit just about every brand and theme for your coffee company.

Breweries & Restaurants

Brewery and Restaurant Mug Group

Copperhead Run, Galaxy Night and Silvery Night were the biggest hits at restaurants and breweries in 2017. Many breweries love the more rustic, down-to-earth feel that Copperhead Run gives to their mugs and steins. On the other hand, Galaxy Night and Silvery Night both provide a cool, sleek design to breweries trying to give their branding a bit more of an edge with these dazzling metallic two-tones. We'll drink to that!


Corporate Mug Group

Our corporate clients love giving Copperhead Run, Silvery Night and Galaxy night to their employees and using them for fundraisers. A mainstay among our glaze colors, Copperhead Run is an unpretentious Sandstone base with an extra pop of blue-green for a distinctive twist on your company's logo or artwork. Silvery Night and Galaxy Night are popular choices for any company trying to show its employees that it has a bit of a fun-loving edge with this versatile gift.

National, State and County Parks

Parks Mug Group

Whether it's Yellowstone National Park or Adams National Historical Park, Copperhead Run, Galaxy Night and Brick Red are the most popular glazes at America's parks. All three of these contrasting two-tone glazes provide the perfect backdrop for detailed medallions showcasing each park's most defining features. Whether your park showcases the ramparts of a pivotal national battlefield or one of America's natural wonders, these two-tone glazes will help the fine details or your artwork stand out.


Museum Mug Group

Whether they're dedicated to motorcycles to country music stars, the most popular glazes at museums include Copperhead Run, Night Sky and Sunfire Red. Night Sky and Copperhead Run are great, highly appealing colors that are frequently found in our lists of top 10 most popular glazes. However, Sunfire Red can do tricks that the other mugs cannot risk—it can easily be used for reversed medallions, where your design is surrounded by a bright red fill within the medallion. All three designs are excellent choices for profiles if your museum is dedicated to a specific person or event, or for showcasing any well-known attractions your museum offers.

Lodging & Resorts

Lodging & Resort Mug Group

Big resorts, B&B's and RV parks with bay views love to use Royal Green, Copperhead Run and Galaxy Night as souvenirs for their guests. The greens and other earth tones in Royal Green and Copperhead Run are especially good choices for mountain and other inland hotels, inns and resorts looking to evoke their woodland roots. Plus, ever a crowd-pleaser, Galaxy Night steals the show with its starry accents against a base like the night sky and is sure to draw in your guests and visitors.

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