Sunset Hill Stoneware's team members aren't just coworkers

We're family.

At Sunset Hill Stoneware, our family ties go far beyond Duane and Tom's connection as a father and son. We're all part of a big, unified family.

Together, we all make a difference. We help each other when our teammates need support and are always there to lend them a hand before they even have to ask.

Everyone from our potters to our accountant helps our operations run smoothly to bring you the best, highest-quality custom stoneware your business could have. We all care about the quality of the products we provide to you and want to ensure that you get the best custom mugs and steins that we have to offer.

We want you to get to know the members of our family. That's why we periodically add profiles of our team members to our blog, so you can see all of the talent and skills each family member adds to your custom-made stoneware mugs, steins or bowls. You'll see how each person contributes to your handcrafted product and supports the rest of our family and learn about the talents they have outside of work.


2018 company picnic group photo