Sunset Hill Stoneware gets the job done.

Got an idea for your mugs? Chances are, we can make it happen.

Our entire Sunset Hill Stoneware family shares a passion for doing it right, no matter the cost. That passion starts right at the top of our organization and flows through every member of our team, starting with father and son owners Duane and Tom Dunsirn.Stoneware mug with new developments from Iron Bean Coffee Company

Tom began his business in 1998 and over time, with the help of skilled potters, poured all his dedication into making the best handmade stoneware in America. In the years that followed, Tom and his team introduced beautiful, handmade coffee mugs and steins to businesses all over Wisconsin, the United States and beyond.

A few years into the business, Tom's father Duane entered the picture and brought decades of entrepreneurial and innovative experience with him. Having double the Dunsirn passion for doing the job right took Sunset Hill Stoneware's business to a new level—we allocated resources not only to help more businesses flaunt their branding in a permanent, high-quality way, but we were able to expand our production capabilities and put even higher emphasis on safety, too.

Our penchant for entrepreneurship runs deep, and our desire to keep our employees safe runs even deeper. In our pursuit to get the job done right, we developed the only HVAC system of its kind and other systems unique to our shop that help protect our potters, the environment and anyone who eats or drinks out of our stoneware. It's this same passion that allows us to call ourselves America's Cleanest Greenest Pottery.

Our passion for getting the job done right can be found in every corner of our business. We're hungry for innovation and love to bring your ideas to life on our handcrafted mugs and steins. We marked our 20th anniversary in 2018 by helping our customers make the most of their custom stoneware—with brand new colors for our SwirlWare, custom fills with multiple colors inside their medallions and introducing new glazes to our ever-growing selection—and we plan to keep innovating for years to come.